"Aye CBD Products provide our customers a curated positive experience with plant based CBD products. We are a women owned and managed company. While many benefits are still being researched, we strongly believe in the fantastic advantages of CBD in many areas such as health and well being."

Flora Marques, CEO


Aye is committed to supporting people with positive CBD experiences, and providing great services and knowledgeable guiding information. Our custom formulation is handcrafted for consumers looking for that personal touch with high quality ingredients. We are dedicated to serve our communities with a first class curated positive experience.



Provide a first-class experience to our customer and partners in all areas such as customer service, product, and knowledge.

Provide an enhanced product for people that need it.

Observe product acceptance and implement changes if needed.

Research and disclose information that is valuable to our customers

Our Values

Integrity – Be real and honest

Diversion and inclusion –  Respect all people and bring them together for success

Environment, Health and Safety, Promoting and encouraging a better quality of life for our customers

Passion and commitment In all we do through leadership and courage, for a better and brighter future for all

Innovation - invest in developing new products and communication to effectively improve the quality of life of our customers