CBD is a totally legal substance

We politely come through this humble post to help you guys understand the difference between a few things concerning CBD which we have a slight feeling some of you might be having a hard time understanding. So, as you guys may know CBD is a totally legal substance derived from a plant called hemp. Along with CBD, many other enzimes and oils can be extracted, like THC and CBN, but we are not going to bother you with unnecessary details right now. We will, however, reiterate yet again, that CBD is not THC and that THC is not CBD. Wait, whaaaaat? Crazy right?! What that means is that CBD products not only are 100% federally legal, but is it totally legal to sell AND advertise products as such. CBD is a natural antiinflamatory that helps people not feel pain. THC is what makes people high when they smoke pot. Not our case. Having that said, AYE CBD complies with all the guidelines to sell and advertise our products NOT ONLY in Florida, where we are from, but also aaaaaaaall over the USA

anyone high. And they are totally legal. Oh, and more thing. We have been researching for YEARS about the best quality products, suppliers, labs, extraction conditions, labels, vials, production and most importantly - we are active members of PUBMed, the highest relieable source of medical journals and papers in the world. So every little detail we post, write or even talk about is based on actual medical research and groundwork from all corners of our planet from, well, medical doctors who publish their research. Without further ado, we wish you a great weekend and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions, we will be happy to answer them all. Sincerely yours, AYE team

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