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CBD Transdermal Patch

Isolate CBD

50mg / patch

Size 1.75” x 1.75”

5 patches per pouch



What makes transdermal patches more effective than other CBD delivery systems? Your skin. CBD Transdermal Patches may help you aliviate inflamation in two easy steps: peel and place. 


The CBD in a transdermal patch bypasses your lungs, liver, and stomach – places where your body filters out or breaks down the cannabinoids. Instead, CBD is absorbed from the patch through the outer layers of the skin and into deeper layers. You get 100% of the medicinal value of the CBD, allowing for improved bioavailability.


CBD transdermal patches start working the instant they’re applied. One patch does the job of countless capsules, drops, and puffs. Unlike CBD capsules, tinctures, vapes, and lotions, CBD transdermal patches provide relief 24-hours a day. That’s because they work systemically to relieve inflammation and other issues by slowly releasing a small amount of CBD through your skin and into your bloodstream the entire time you wear them. These CBD transdermal patches because they provide continuous relief for 72 hours.



CBD isolate is the purest form of this compound, made by pulling it from its natural environment and removing it from all other ingredients, in other words our CBD patches are sourced from a 99% pure CBD isolate, meaning they are entirely free of any traces of THC.


Suggested use

Clean area well. Remove patch from plastic film. From the edge, use your thumb to pressure gently to losen the patch from the plastic protection. Peel the patch and apply to dry skin. Then, just peel off the protective backing from the CBD transdermal patch and stick it on a hair-free area of your body such as behind your ear, lower back above belt line near spine, abdomen, either side of upper chest near underarms, upper/outer arms, inside forearms, and hips. Patch is most effective when applied to a visually veinous part of the body, such as the inner wrist or the side of your neck. Each single patch may be worn for up to 48 hours. Patches are waterproof and sweatproof.


DISCLAIMER - Some people may be sensitive to the adhesive. In this case please discontinue use.



Hemp-derived CBD Isolate (contains no THC). Inert adhesive (acrylic and hydrocarbon copolymers). 50mg per patch.


AYE CBD Transdermal Patches

SKU: 687051832547
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